Partnership Beliefs

DTVP’s formal credo best capsules its business philosophy:

“Vigorous free enterprise is the capstone of the American dream, and the venture capitalist fuels that dream. The kinds of nourishment he provides are many: capital, to be sure, but also knowledge, experience, insight, vision — and unbending support during even the most trying times.”

Mutual support, teamwork, trust, a common purpose, and a willingness to guide and help rather than offer aloof criticism . . . these are the fundamental beliefs that bind DTVP’s partners to each other and to the portfolio companies.

Capital formation remains critical to the country’s economic future, and the venture capital industry is the primary source of such capital for emerging growth companies. DTVP, therefore, has a firm confidence in the revitalization of basic industry in the United States and in venture capital’s role in fostering that renewal.

Another ideal rests on the concept of “total” partnership . . . partnership with the portfolio companies as well as among the general and limited partners. DTVP brings value to the portfolio as the venture’s strategic guidepost and “all-weather” supporter. Team members understand the unique obstacles and challenges faced by a growth company because they have been on both sides of the table, as professionals who have provided capital and built companies. These combined backgrounds result in empathy for and rapport with the entrepreneur — a relationship balanced by the ability to make disciplined, pragmatic decisions. General Doriot, widely recognized as the father of the U.S. venture capital profession, once characterized the essence of this relationship as “watch, push, worry, and spread hope.”

Values Statement

DTVP believes in:
  • Delivering on its promises and commitments.
  • Perseverance and intelligent tenacity.
  • The virtue of quality work.
  • Swift communications about the bad news, as well as the good.
  • Contributing its fair share of time, talents, and other resources to the community.
  • Careful planning and conscientious execution.

DTVP’s partners are proud of their role in reviving the entrepreneurial energy that built this country. They believe that the quest for a better way of life, a worthwhile estate to leave one’s posterity, and the fun and zest of building a company, while mastering all the innate risks, is inherent in the “spirit of America.”

This conviction has helped them forge long-standing successful track records in venture capital investing. And, it has helped them spawn new jobs, inspire innovation, increase productivity, multiply profits, and turn dreams into realities — all key elements of the true “capstone of the American dream.”