Value Added

The value DTVP adds to its portfolio companies goes well beyond the initial investment. The ultimate worth of the relationship arises from a close-knit partnership in growth, where DTVP’s contributions may include its constructive participation on the Company’s Board of Directors, assistance in financial planning, and even providing customer referrals and introductions. DTVP will know and understand each company’s business, management team, corporate objectives and will be able to assist in any suitable way. We act as strategic advisors and counselors...we do not second guess, or become involved in day-to-day management.

Corporate Development

  • Strategic planning
  • Counsel on mergers and acquisitions
  • Organizational development

Financial Guidance

  • Financing
  • Accounting systems
  • Controls, marketing and production

Capital Structure

  • Assistance with banks
  • Connections to other institutional capital sources

Advice and Counsel/Perspective

  • Help define objectives and strategies
  • Insure the company is working from a written plan
  • Assist in people selection
  • Expansion only from a profitable base
  • Insistence on cash flow discipline
  • Clinical objectivity . . . and
  • Always looking for opportunities for the portfolio company