Investment Policy and Philosophy

Investment Policy

DTVP's investment policy is guided by diversification by industry, company maturity and geographical area, the vigor of the opportunity, and the strength of the management team.

DTVP achieves its strategic objectives through investments in early stage, expansion, and buyout/acquisition situations. Companies that use DTVP's capital for expansion purposes will be favored. Buyout and acquisition candidates should operate in growth industries with stable market environments and should have healthy financial statements.

The form as well as the size of the investment must be shaped to meet the goals and objectives of both the company and the investor group. The resulting structure may involve a combination of debt and equity.

In the traditional venture capital case, DTVP may lead or participate in investment opportunities with other venture capital firms with whom it has long-standing relationships. The careful selection of compatible co-investors is an important element in the future relationship with the portfolio company. DTVP will remain sensitive to the needs and concerns of all partners.

Criteria for Investment

  • Successful, proven management teams with
    highest ethical standards
  • Substantial, sustainable advantages relative to
    competitors; clearly defined niche and differen-
  • Potential for exceptional capital appreciation

Investment Philosophy

DTVP's investment philosophy is as follows:

  • Our primary objective is to generate long term
    capital appreciation
  • Our desire is to create relationship chemistry
    and mutual trust between ourselves and man-
    agement of portfolio companies
  • We focus on constructive problem solving
    rather than second guessing
  • Our goal is to establish parallel objectives be-
    tween DTVP and management of portfolio com-
  • We are a value added strategic advisor and
    board member
  • We emphasize research and timely due dili-
    gence coupled with exit strategy assessment