Investment Process

When DTVP becomes aware of an investment possibility, the following process begins:

Preliminary Screening - DTVP will review the business plan prepared by the company. This plan describes the management, history and background, marketing, competition, financial information, product or service differentiation, and upside potential and downside risk.

Personal Meeting - DTVP will meet with the management team.

Investment Structure - DTVP will examine each opportunity according to its discreet risks, liquidity, upside potential and financing needs.

Detailed Review and Due Diligence - DTVP will undertake a thorough review and survey to validate the company's strategies, the uniqueness of its products or services, its financial and managerial strength, and other vital factors.

Final Approval - DTVP will prepare a comprehensive internal investment memorandum. This document reviews DTVP's findings as well as the investment terms and conditions that will lead to a final decision and closing of the transaction.

After an investment has been closed, DTVP's principals begin monitoring progress and providing active company support. Again, this is where some of DTVP's most significant enhancements to the company's vitality and future value are made.

DTVP encourages prospective companies to submit their business plans. They will be treated in strictest confidence and responded to in a timely manner.